Fire And Water Damage Restoration

If your home or business has been damaged by fire or water, you need a company that specializes in this type of restoration work. Fire and water damage restoration is a specialized kind of repair work that is a more complicated and complex process than a simple home addition or remodeling project. Restoration projects involve working with many different people and projects must proceed in a specific order. Besides the home or business owner, there are insurance adjusters, remediation companies, and city building inspectors involved in restoring a building to its original condition after fire or water damage.

As a fire and water damage contractor, Galati Enterprises can:

  • Recommend and coordinate with remediation companies
  • Coordinate repairs with insurance companies
  • Review adjuster estimates and recommend solutions that fit within the estimate
  • Provide design suggestions and blueprints
  • Perform all pre-construction and construction work to restore the building to its original condition

With one call to Galati Enterprises, your entire restoration project can be managed from start to finish!

Fire And Water Damage Restoration Or Remediation?

Residential and commercial fire and water damage restoration services should not be confused with remediation. Water damage remediation services are the “emergency responders” so to speak. These are the companies you call first to get the leak stopped, the carpets dried out, and mess cleaned up.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to repair water damage with the help of a restoration specialist or flood repair contractor like Galati Enterprises. We come in and fix what’s been destroyed. We can repair and replace or completely remodel your home or business after a fire or water disaster.

If your home or business has been damaged by fire or water and you need a remediation service, contact us at 760-777-9994 and ask to speak to Connie. Connie is a fire and water damage restoration expert. She knows all the remediation companies in the area and can help you find the right one for your needs.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

Galati Enterprises and Connie Galati, in particular, have been repairing, renovating, and restoring homes that have been damaged by fire or water since 1985. During that time we have developed strong business relationships with many remediators and insurance agencies in the Coachella Valley.

We know the industry.

We know the people.

We know the adjusters.

We know what needs to be done to get a building back to its’ pre-damage condition.

This experience benefits you because it means with just one phone call, your entire project can be handled. No having to find a remediation service. No messing around with insurance agencies or adjusters. No wondering if the estimate is enough to cover your costs. We look out for our clients and will examine every last detail to ensure your home or business is restored to absolute perfection.

Choosing A Fire Or Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Fire and water damage restoration projects involve working with your homeowner’s insurance provider. Many people will, correctly, make their first call to their insurance company to report the loss. The insurer may recommend a water or fire damage repair contractor, but you are not obligated to hire this contractor. This is simply a service offered by your insurer. As the property owner, you can choose who is hired to restore your property. As long as they are a licensed contractor, the insurance company will work with them.

Get Your Home Fixed Faster With Help From Galati Enterprises

For streamlined and stress-free fire or water damage restoration, contact Galati Enterprises at 760-777-9994. We’ll come out to meet with you in person at your home or business so we can get an accurate picture of the damage and explain to you the work that needs to be done.


How Can We Help?


I have been a Claims Adjuster for a major insurance company for the past 21 years. I first met Connie Galati at a Fire loss located in Palm Springs, CA in July of 1999. This home was originally built in the 1930’s and had many unique and complicated styles of construction and materials. Needless to say, there were many challenges associated with the reconstruction of the house as well as the adjustment of the claim.

Connie did an exceptional job as the general contractor. She was dependable, prompt, forthright, and very accommodating to both the insured and myself. All of the sub-contractors and workers she employed were professional, competent and very versed in their trades. The homeowner was very meticulous in his expectations of the reconstruction, which further added to the challenges of the job.

Connie, however, was very successful in meeting those high expectations of the insured. I regarded her as an invaluable asset in dealing with all parties of the claim. She is very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy in her practices. I would highly recommend her services as a general contractor on any type of restoration job.

D. S.

Canyon Lake, CA